Noodlebooks offers a selection of interesting books for curious minds at our bookstand at Narrative in Oakland, CA. Open daily from 11 to 7.

Curated by a design professional from a family of bookworms and a librarian, the selection is intended to delight and inspire booklovers from the perpetually curious and knowledge-hungry to the esoteric literati, as well as the aficionados of printed language, imagery and design, and those who appreciate books for their aesthetics.

Occasionaly we set up our book stand at pop up events and local markets. We love meeting "book people" and the matchmaking aspect of bookselling; we still marvel at the strokes of serendipity that happen when books match up with their person.

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We focus on early, out-of-print, and uncommon editions in a range of book genres:

nonfiction: art/design, architecture, aesthetics, science, nature, medical, cookbooks & recipes, early travel & exploration, linguistics, essays, letters & diaries, occult, and other esoteric subjects

fiction/literature, short stories, poetry, and anthologies by notable authors

vintage editions from particular publishers such as midcentury Anchor paperbacks, King Penguin, Insel-Bücherei, Modern Library, Penguin (UK), Pelican (UK), etc

vintage books with typography and cover art by notable designers and illustrators such as Gorey, Paul Rand, Giusti, Ben Shahn, Glaser, Margaret Armstrong, etc

vintage European editions

small press or limited edition publications, chapbooks, pamphlets, catalogs, and misc printed matter

antique and vintage periodicals; pulp sci fi and mystery digests, Paris Review (Chip Kidd era), Granta (early issues)

antiquarian books: leather bound, decorative bindings

curated book sets for stylists and interior designers

salvaged antique book parts for creative or restoration projects: endpapers, 19th C. paper, book covers, book illustrations

antique and vintage ephemera



We source books and ephemera for individuals, interior designers, creative professionals, private libraries, producers, and archivists.