antique "White Whale" shoelaces

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Image of antique "White Whale" shoelaces

A rare find—Dawbarn's Walonga brand shoelace product from the early 1900s, circa 1910. Made in England. Unused in its original glassine package with a whale logo and wonderful typography. The packaging is delicate and fragile with yellowing of the glassine and some creases, but in great condition for its age. The condition of the shoelaces is unknown since the package is unopened.

Delightful copywriting on the packaging: "These Laces should not be pulled or jerked violently when first placed in the shoes"

A scarce item, the few similar pieces found online are part of museum collections, usually included among 19th century whale or whaling products. Whale baleen was often used for manufacturing shoelaces. However, we are unable to confirm if and what part of the whale was used for this product.

2" x 6"